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Baby Seperation Anxiety

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View some tips and information about baby separation anxiety in the early stages of the your babies life. As your baby starts to get older past one year old and into the 15 months through 18 months stages, they become more aware of their surroundings, who is there to take care of them for certain tasks, helping to feed them, change them, playtime, and more. Separation Anxiety is very common and something that most parents have to deal with. Many parents with Nannies or baby sitters go through it all the time when they leave their baby to go to work, their baby could cry out for their Mommy or Daddy. Some tips to help with separation anxiety are as follows and can help you ease the separation issues of you and your baby.

Being overly loving with your baby is a great thing and you should always be very loving to your baby. However, there is a point when it can be too much and lead your baby to not want to leave your side. If you are constantly holding the baby, hugging the baby, kissing the baby and you have separation anxiety yourself when the baby is independent, then it’s a given that your baby will pick up the same traits. Trying to help your baby become more independent will help you when it’s time to send your baby to day-care, pre-school, or leave your baby with a baby sitter, nanny, friend, or family member. Creating that sense of trust that you will be coming back is an important item and if the baby sees you worrying, it will only exacerbate the babies separation anxiety.

Leaving the house, many times when parents are around babies too much such as stay at home moms or stay at home dads, babies will get very used to having the parent around and when the parent leaves, it can be hard on the baby. Many babies get focused on toys, playing, and it may be good to create a situation where you can leave the house without the baby seeing you. Make sure the baby has someone to look after them and try to make your leave more subtle than this big departure as they may get upset if you make it out to a very big deal. However, when a baby gets a little older creating a good routine to explain to your baby or toddler that you will be coming back is a good thing.

If you leave for vacation for a while, you’re baby may go through some seperation anxiety issues as they are so used to have certain people around them. Make sure to pay extra attention to your baby and guide them through the times when you are there and when you may not be there through consistent schedules, routines, and ensuring the baby is getting activity, play dates and fun time with other babies and is properly napped.

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