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It's Never Enough

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In the past few months, both of my children have changed so drastically that it’s hard to believe.

My daughter started Kindergarten this year and my son is now in preschool. These were huge changes for the kids and a big change for me as well.

I was happy that my kids were getting a chance to play and interact with other children their age, but I was also sad when I realized how quickly it all happened.

My son is learning how to talk better every day and new words are always popping out of his mouth. The days of him saying things like “strawbies” instead of “strawberries” or “ladybuggy” instead of “ladybug” are over. My daughter can’t curl up in my lap like she used to because she’s getting so big.

They always say that “children grow up fast so you better enjoy them while you can”, but they were wrong. They don’t just grow up fast. They mature with lightning speed! Don’t just treasure each smile or each hug. Treasure every single second, even the ones where they’re screaming their heads off in the grocery store.

Take lots of pictures and videos. Save their drawings and crafts. Squeeze in as many hugs and kisses and cheek pinches as they’ll allow, even if they’re sleeping, because no matter how many you manage to get in each day, it’ll never be enough. And don’t ever let anyone tell you you’re spoiling your baby if you hold them too much. You can never hold them enough!

Every stage your baby goes through since they’re born has its ups and downs, but the ups always make the downs worth it.

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1 Emma @ Baby-log.com { 12.22.09 at 4:20 am }

This is so true! And the ups DO make the downs worth it.

2 cassie { 12.22.09 at 8:53 am }

Thanks Emma, they absolutely do! And thanks for stopping by. :)

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