Funny Baby Videos


If you think your baby is funny, then you should definitely take a funny baby video of your baby and submit it to all the video sites such as Youtube, Metacafe, and more funny baby video websites. Funny baby videos are always the best funny videos and get the most views on the video websites and that funny baby could be yours. However, the tough part of taking a funny baby video is actually capturing the moment. Babies grow up so fast and you will have hilarious funny moments with your baby. Therefore, it’s a great idea and good baby tip to get a flip cam or a small digital video camera and start filming your baby whenever you can as you never know and may catch that next funny baby video and have one of the best funny baby videos on the web. Your baby could literally become famous over night. Check out some of the funny baby videos below as they seem to be captured on video when they needed to be and if the video was recorded, these funny baby videos would have got missed and never recorded like some of your funny baby moments. Therefore, start filming today and capture those great memories and be sure to share them with the rest of the world on Youtube and other video sites so people can see how funny your baby really is!

View some of the most viewed and funniest baby videos on Youtube and they involve babies so make sure to capture great videos of your baby too!

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