How to Calm a Fussy Baby

separation_anxietyAs cute and loveable as they are, babies can be extremely difficult to deal with when they’re fussy, especially if you’re by yourself and there is nobody around to help you.

The first thing you should know are some reasons why babies cry. If you can identify the source of your baby’s discomfort, then you’ll be more able to come up with a solution to calm them down.

Why do babies cry?

  • They are too warm or too cold
  • They’re hungry
  • They have a dirty diaper
  • They’re tired or restless
  • They have allergies
  • They have an illness (cough, cold, flu, etc.)
  • They want comfort from being held or pacifying
  • Breastfed babies can have a reaction to mom eating certain foods

Here are some suggestions you can try to help calm your fussy baby.

Music – Play a calming lullaby cd for your baby.

Wind Chimes – Hang some wind chimes in your house and let your baby play with them.

Infant Massage – This method is becoming more and more popular. Massaging your baby is proven to help calm him and create a new bonding experience.

Fart – No, not you! Get your baby to pass gas. A common cause of fussiness is a gassy tummy. Try bending their legs to help ease their stomach pains.

White Noise – A fan or static on a radio can create a soothing sound for babies because it mimics the sounds of the womb.

Nursing – If you breastfeed your baby, this can be one of the best ways of calming her down.

Hold your baby – Despite what many people say, you won’t spoil your baby by holding him. By comforting him when he needs you, you are building trust.

Get some air – If your baby is a little older, he may enjoy going outside for a walk in the stroller. Many interesting things are waiting to be seen outdoors.

Put on a video – Baby Einstein is great for bored babies. They love the music and colors. This is a great opportunity for you to sit with your baby and help them learn by pointing out objects and naming them as they see them.

Swaddle – Most newborns like to be swaddled because it makes them feel like they are back in your tummy.

Dance – Turn on some tunes and dance with your baby. This can also be a great bonding experience.

Sleep – Lay down with your baby and see if they fall asleep. They may just want to rest but want to stay close to you.

Mirror – Sit your baby in front of an unbreakable mirror. Babies love to see their own reflection.

Time out – Take your baby to a quiet place. Their fussiness could be caused by overstimulation. They may just need some time to settle down.

Swing – Buy a baby swing or sit in your own garden swing. The rocking motion mimics the motion of being inside the womb and is great for calming baby.

Drive - Many parents resort to taking their baby for a car ride. Be sure not to use this method too much as your baby may start to depend on it for going to sleep.

Your voice – Try holding your baby to your chest and talk to her or someone else. The sound of your calm voice can be soothing to your fussy baby.

If all else fails, gently put your baby in the crib and close the door. Go to a quiet room and take a few deep breaths. If you’re alone, ask a neighbor or a close family member or friend to come over and help you out.

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